They talk about ubinota!

Several indie websites and blog of several nationalities published articles about Ubinota. A portuguese blog, a norwegian website, an italian reviewer, many people talk about it. One of the video about Ubinota did even recorded by a russian.

Here is a translate of what they said about Ubinota:
except for the russian guy, him we didn't understood ;)
"The art design is bright and rich, and the music so far is light and fluffy, complementing the real joy that is the gameplay."

Gaming Blend
"a clever 3D platform-puzzle title that could easily become a sleeper hit"

Gioco Indie
"Ubinota is one of rare case where while an independant game is entertaining, it keep some atmosphere."
"charming little puzzle"
"The game is really nice and Rotateam's work deserve compliments."

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First article about Ubinota!, independant video game magazine published an article about Ubinota saturday 17 november. A great day for us.
If you are quick, it is maybe still on cover of
If not, you can read it here.

A great thank you to Wooly, author of this article, and

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Hello everybody!

We are very proud to present you fruit of our labour. It be approximativelly two years that we worked on it in our garage and now there it is! We hope that you will enjoy it. Don't hesitate to give us your opinion on the forum!

We realised that it was more cool to keep you informed of our progress rather than release the game from nowhere. Right, it is too late but we will try to fix that by write you from time to time as from now.

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